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In order to make a true change in the world by means of your organisation, it’s important to start putting your people first. Pebble Wave offers an immersive life and business incubation program to do just that. Do you want to become a conscious and purpose-driven organisation that helps building a more sustainable world? Pebble Wave is here to help.
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The situation today 

We’re slowly emerging out of a worldwide pandemic. And although this is plenty of reason to celebrate, a lot of companies are experiencing employees on the verge of a burnout. Not all that surprising: the last year has been difficult for all of us, which makes reentering the outside world’ a challenge.

As the leader of an organization, it’s important to create time and space for your employees to gather themselves — and once again feel at home and safe in the environment you’re providing. To be specific: you need to make sure your organisation is a place where there is room for trust, cooperation and creativity.

Pebble Wave helps you with the transformation of your organisation into a conscious, teal and fully human-driven environment. We believe this is the only durable way to allow your employees to get the energy they need — and once again thrive in the workplace.

Is all of this sounding familiar and are you willing to invest in your employees in order to get to that durable solution? Make sure to contact us: we’re happy to help.

In 2020, we welcomed Pebble Wave. They helped us optimise the inner workings of our organisations, and helped boost our sales traction. In 2020 we created two independent product spinoffs, of which both have sold their first products. - Octinion
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We need to renew our focus 

The effect of the pandemic is but one of the many examples of employees being overwhelmed by an overload of stimuli. Whether this occurs by the world reopening — or because of the general excess supply of information all around us: our current society is exhausting when it comes to information processing.

Not a minute goes by that does not require us to filter the information that’s being given to us: real or fake, trustworthy or not, objective or subjective? Subconsciously, we’re always thinking and readjusting, which drains our energy level. This at the expense of the amount of creativity and zest we can put into our work.

This is why we need to find a way to sharpen and renew our focus. That’s where Pebble Wave steps in. We provide relevant ways of information processing, tailored to our current way of life and work. And it’s exactly the combination of those two that makes our solutions and coaching as unique as we promise. We believe that you can only put the buzz back in business, when you are feeling happy and safe outside of it.

Do you want to help your employees deal with the overload of information they have to deal with every single day — and make them happier and more relaxed in general? Then you might find yourself rooting for the Pebble Wave philosophy. Contact us to find out more about what it means to be a Pebble Wave company — and how to get there. We’ll be here to welcome you home.

Pebble started coaching us in 2017. They helped us draw up our business plan and coached us in cold calling and overall market approach. In 2020, we reached our set targets and doubled our revenue. Next to this, we got to expand our team from three to eight members. - 2Grow
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Ready to make a change in the world — and to put your purpose-driven organisation out there? We’re always looking for new companies to join us in riding the Pebble Wave. Contact us for more information on how to become part of our family — and we’ll get back to you soon. Welcome home!

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