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Pebble Wave invests in purpose-driven companies, people, products and ideas with the potential to solve a major global need. In our organizations, we restore the balance between humanity, nature and an enjoyable and prosperous economic environment by improving the level of consciousness.

In order to be able to keep doing this, we’re looking for investors who share our beliefs - and are looking to find a way to create a more conscious and people-driven world. Welcome to a unique impact investment opportunity that’s focused on conscious, purpose-driven organizations.
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Reasons to invest 

So you’re looking to invest — and you need your investment to have a positive impact on our world and society? Pebble Wave can help you with that. But… there is more.

Because, as you might know already, Pebble Wave in itself is — amongst other things — an investor. We are looking for, and investing in, companies that have the potential to solve a major global need. Strictly speaking, we’re only putting time and effort in those organizations that put people, humanity, nature and harmony first.

This means that when you invest in Pebble Wave, you automatically invest in all the companies we’re working with. Or, in other words: by investing in one company, you’re investing in dozens of them — and all of them are, in their own unique way, contributing to a better world. Two birds, one stone.

Curious about the companies you can help grow by investing in Pebble Wave? Meet them today.

Companies who've ridden the wave

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FajalobiAdemruimteHifluenceAvia gisPhyto ITMarbles2growUrbanharvest

Who are we looking for 

We are aiming for investors with sustainable goals: people who want to give something back to our planet to make up for the damage that has been done by the previous generations. We’re not looking for the traditional investor who only has financial profit in mind, but for a modern investor who is also aiming for societal impact.

Have you been looking for new opportunities to invest in, do you want to help take care of our planet and society — and do you want to make a change by investing in our future world? Then you might be the investor we’re looking for. Make sure to contact us for more information about how to become part of the Pebble Wave family.

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Invest in a world where humanisation takes the lead 

Pebble Wave is creating environments that allow humans to thrive — emphasis on human’. Our DNA is composed of elements such as cooperation, courage, love, trust and caring. But our current society is based on ice cold capitalism, which suppresses these values — and replaces them with the one dimensional drive to make money.

Today, humans — with all their beautiful values — seem to be reduced to means for creating and earning money. Pebble Wave is looking to rediscover our programmed values, and hereby — again — learn to truly enjoy being human. Or, to rephrase it, we’re fighting for a world where humanisation takes the lead. Our transformational processes help create the needed context for this philosophy to thrive.

When you invest in Pebble Wave, you are consciously investing in a world that’s based on humanisation. Together, we’ll make a change in the world and rediscover a society where people come first.

My parents invested for decades in companies of which many — directly or indirectly — exhausted our planet. It is my moral duty to invest solely in purpose driven organizations, in the name of my generation and for generations to come so that we slowly but surely restore the biodiversity of mother earth. Thank you Pebble Wave for offering this sustainable investment opportunity!
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Ready to embark on a unique investment journey during which you’ll help to build a more conscious and aligned world? Make sure to get in touch with us — and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

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