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2Grow aims to reduce the 20% surface area that is spent on plant production.

What do they do

People are used to measuring all external influences surrounding the plant, but we have no idea how the plant really reacts to it. We want to change this with our products. Discovering how the plant really responds to all influences and following this real-time, opens up great potential for growth efficiency.

If we can spread these insights across the industry and combine them with artificial intelligence and machine learning, we can have a positive impact on world level, placing 2Grow one step closer to the ultimate goal: reducing the 20% surface area that is spent on plant production.

How do they do it 

Our sap flow and stem diameter sensors measure the smallest variations in the plant, which are presented in readable graphs. Our team reviews the data weekly, and is always available to provide targeted advice to the grower. We want to assist you in your cultivation, and with the acquired knowledge from analysis and feedback we are able to improve our services.

All data is sent in real time to our Phytosense service, where several calculations are performed in addition to storage. You can view this comprehensible data on all your devices through our extensive desktop and web applications.

What makes them so unique? 

We are a purpose driven organisation that shortens the feedback between us and the plants through direct plant measurement. Because of this, real-time information exchange will be possible.
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