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Ademruimte Academie

De Ademruimte Academie is a place where you can catch your breath. Here, you'll find what you need in order to invest in more resilience, more freedom and more joy.

What do they do

Ademruimte Academie offers unique off — and online programs where each person, at their own pace and needs, is supported to grow in different areas, within a safe environment. Think about topics such as, but not limited to, communication, focus, job satisfaction, efficiency and leadership.

How do they do it 

Our training courses allow people to create more breathing space in their daily life. The programme contains these, but also many other, components — and is available for organisations as well as individuals. A tip of the iceberg of what the programme has to offer:

  • Scientifically proven exercises and techniques for your specific challenges;
  • Simple, effective strategies that are easy to follow;
  • Live coaching by Veerle and a team of experienced coaches;
  • Accessible insights and tools that you can implement whenever and wherever you want;
  • Concrete solutions for your needs (or the needs of your team, if you’re a company).

What makes them so unique? 

I make sure that the content I provide during my classes is approachable and therefore accessible. For the app, I rely on the power of my voice: it helps people to ground themselves very quickly.
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