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Avia-Gis is a conscious teal company that translates its own or relevant published research and expertise into spatially explicit solutions that improve human, animal or environmental health worldwide.

What do they do

We help researchers to understand the spatial risks of vector-borne diseases (*), the public authorities to better protect the public against such risks, the pest-control industry to remove such a risk in a sustainable way and the pharma-industry to implement clinical trials to test new products and vaccines against such diseases.

(*) vectors are mosquitoes, ticks or other bugs that transmit diseases

How do they do it 

We combine space assets, information technology, ecology and epidemiology in order to develop software solutions that…

  • … bridge the gap between research and decision making;
  • … convert data into information;
  • … reduce the burden of control measures on the environment.

By doing so, we increase the capacity of our clients to deal with spatial risk, which in its turn adds to our vision of working towards a healthier world.

What makes them so unique? 

We enjoy a unique market position. Only few companies operate in our domain: and none developed such close contacts with the academic, decision support and industrial world as we have. As a result, we have a clear view on user needs and requirements and on how this can be translated into cost-efficient operational and sustainable tools.
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