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Equi spirit

Equi Spirit is constantly seeking and implementing new ways to improve the well-being of all. This stems from the vision that every living being has a right to love, healthy food, transformation and to a place where you can be yourself: a place to unwind and heal.

What do they do

Ruth D’haese is the founder of Equi Spirit and has over 12 years of experience as a horse coach. She is an expert in energy treatments and profound healings on four different levels: mental, physical, emotional and energetic/​spiritual. Her mission is to help you feel life flowing through your veins again. Are you ready to transform to your most authentic self?

How do they do it 

From a firm belief that there are other methods than the traditional, the focus of Equi Spirit lies on: conscious being’, nutrition, body exercises, emotional and personal development, talent development, intuitive development, telepathy, feeling your body and your energy, awareness of your thoughts, patterns and beliefs and the balance between body and mind. These methods all have the same goal: allowing healing and transformation to take place.

What makes them so unique? 

I always look for the beauty in every situation — and the talent in every living creature.
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