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Creating human-centred organisations for a sustainable society and unbossing organisations and liberating their potential.

What do they do

Hifluence is a pioneer in unbossing organisations worldwide. It is our mission to inspire, guide and support leaders in shaping human-centred organisations. We focus on those who believe in customer obsession and the infinite potential of engaged employees, but do not know yet how to approach such a journey, where to start or how to scale.

The Hifluence consultants build the foundations for a human centred, self-directed management and organisational model in which everyone in the organisation is given the space to use their full potential: as people and as professionals.

How do they do it 

The Hifluence unbossing journey consists out of five phases:

1. DISCOVER: the leaders of the organisation are inspired and discover what unbossing is all about. They get an idea of what their organisation could look like in the future. They understand the importance of their own personal transformation to make unbossing a success.

2. ENGAGE: the top leaders commit — professionally as well as personally — to unboss the organisation and work towards a new organisation.

3. EXPERIMENT: after carefully determining where to start the unbossing process, we launch the first experiments together with the employees. Under the guidance of Hifluence, the first foundations for the unbossed organisation are set up.

4. GOVIRAL: The unbossed way of working goes viral across the organisation. More and more unbossing experiments are being set up throughout the entire organisation. More and more people in the organisation are behaving unbossed. Hifluence helps to broaden and deepen the foundations.

5. REINFORCE: The future image of the unbossed organisation is becoming more and more real. New competencies and skills, processes and systems provide the necessary anchoring. Continuous improvement and fine-tuning is taking place. The positive impact on people, team, business and society is demonstrable and significant.

What makes them so unique? 

Hifluence gets to the heart of people and teams. Human doing and human being become inextricably linked.
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