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We provide plant sensor hardware and software to gain insight into the inner workings of plants.

What do they do

Phyto-IT offers smart sensor hardware and software that gives insight into your plants. They provide plug and play plant sensor systems which include plant sensors and real-time data processing, analysis and visualisation.

How do they do it 

They offer multiple intelligent plant monitoring systems that give insights into your plants.

  • PhytoSense is a plant monitoring system which combines plant sensors with cloud intelligence to give you insight into your plants.
  • PhytoSim is a dynamic plant modelling and simulation app.
  • Sap Flow Tool allows importing, visualising and analysing sap flow data from all major sap flow sensors: HRM, HFD, TDP and Dynagage.

What makes them so unique? 

Rather than visually judging how a plant is doing, our system allows to detect changes in plant behaviour days before anything can be seen visually.
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