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Urban Harvest

Urban Harvest creates effective indoor farming solutions, for growers by growers.

What do they do

Urban Harvest designs, builds, tests and operates cost-effective vertical farming solutions.

Their team manages the largest vertical farm in Belgium producing more than 50.000 ready-to-eat herbs per month. This production method allows them to do this 365 days a year, 100% pesticide free and with the highest possible water efficiency.

Urban Harvest supports you to translate your controlled environment agriculture (CEA) concepts to a successful and operational farm together with our team of indoor farming specialists.

How do they do it 

These growers have developed and built the largest commercial vertical farm in Belgium from scratch. They have gained valuable insights during this process and are now sharing this with anyone who wants to be a part of agriculture 4.0.

Customers can use their indoor farming studio in Brussels to put their own concepts to the test, from business and technical plans all the way to fine-tuning the operations.

Urban Harvest also develops specific growing systems for high-value crops such as strawberries and for high-success rate rooting of young plant cuttings.

What makes them so unique? 

Translating our experience as professional indoor growers into the best technical and business solution for our customers is what drives our team.
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