Pebble Wave is an incubator, investor and private equity fund.

We create conscious and purpose-driven organisations. We invest in people, products, companies and ideas with the potential to solve a major global need. We provide an immersive life and business incubation program. Thus, we create an improved and more conscious world in a very organic way.

Become a force of nature

You want to make a change in the world. And you decide to do this by means of putting a purpose-driven organisation out there. By doing this, you’ll be part of a fundamental change in the entrepreneurial environment, putting people first and bringing about actual change, true to its name and fully human-driven. In other words: you want to become a force of nature.

This change comes with a lot of hurdles and barriers. You’ll run into yourself, with what you think you know and what feels safe. That’s where Pebble Wave steps in: we’ll help, guide and support you and your people throughout this enticing journey — and steer you towards your goals.

We do this by holding on to our three cornerstones. These three aspects are the fundamentals of the Pebble Wave. We take them into consideration every step of the way. Only through a perfect balance between all three of them can we bring about fundamental change.


Pebble Wave focuses on entrepreneurs and organisations who want to make a fundamental difference in the world. A purpose-driven mindset is hereby indispensable. We put purpose before profits, where profits are but the means to reach your goal -and not the goal in itself. We don't consider ourselves master philosophers in this one, but we've seen this work so many times already. Belief in a purpose motivates people to fully tap into their talents and passion -and it is exactly this mindset that will enlarge the potential of profits more than in any traditional organisation.


When you aspire to realise your purpose, there's one thing to understand: the biggest bottleneck between idea and realisation?
That's you. Your own fears and insecurities, most of the time unwittingly and subconsciously, will be the reasons that stand in the way of success. Pebble Wave creates context and teaches ways to tackle this. We'll reintroduce you to yourself, help you look in the mirror and address the insecurities that are sabotaging you.
This new sense of self-awareness will help you get back on your feet and ride the wave with full confidence.


Pebble Wave believes that purpose-driven organisations, filled with conscious people, will change the world for the better.
People need to be able to be themselves at work, and discover how their unique personalities give shape to their interactions.
Truly self-aware people yearn to put their talents to use and to have a visible impact on the world. Creativity and skill thrives in a self-managing context, but fizzles out under strict control and suffocating rules. A certain kind of freedom is key.


Putting purpose before profits doesn’t mean you won’t get the expected return on your investment. It does mean, however, that we interchange a money-driven way of work with a people driven mindset. Profit isn’t the end goal, reaching our purpose is.

Having a clear purpose is — in fact — priceless. It’s what gives any organisation direction and steers yours towards your goals. It’s also something people can rally behind, simply because it resonates with them, the ideals of the organisation they’re part of and that sense of belonging all of us are after. They feel invested in and will gladly be part of that unique story you’re telling. Valuable connections that have much to offer, with profits being just one of the gems you’re bound to receive.

Of course profits are necessary to get to that purpose, which is why we refer to it as a means, not a goal. By investing in your people, the chances of getting to the expected profits are just as high (or higher) as in any other traditional organisation. It’s just the way you get there that’s different.

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Meet the faces behind Pebble Wave

Stephan Bostoen

Pebble CEO — entrepreneur, visionary, modeling expert.

Erik Dielen

Pebble Co-founder — sales coach, author (The New Thought), life coach, entrepreneur

Patrick Fransen

Pebble partner, business & life connector, entrepreneur and investor

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